If your idea of Hawaii is Waikiki, Don Ho, crowds, expensive activities & tours, this isn’t your place.  But, if you’d like to experience a peaceful authentic rural Hawaii setting amid beautiful exotic foliage, Hangin’ Loose is it.  And . . . you can experience it au natural.

Listen to the birds & the tradewinds whispering thru the palm fronds, watch a million stars while serenaded by coqui frogs at night.  Walk the grounds and see hundreds of native & exotic tropical flowers & plants. 

Hang out by the pool, relax in the hot tub, sunbathe on the deck, have a drink . . . get the picture?

Or, visit some of the many nearby sites (almost all nearly free):  Volcano National Park, clothing-optional beaches, swim with the dolphins, star-gaze atop Mauna Kea, check out the waterfalls, tour historic Hilo or funky Pahoa Town.  Hike thru a volcano or along a pristine shoreline.  Visit an orchid farm, or a macadamia nut plantation.  Golf in Madam Pele’s backyard (Volcano Golf Course).  Snorkel with sea turtles.  Visit a steam vent -- nature’s sauna.  And, much more . . .

Mostly, relax & have fun.  That’s what Hangin’ Loose is all about.    

More diversity on the Big Island than you can shake a palm frond at -- where else can you swim with dolphins, watch real lava flowing, & ski all on one island?

Visit Beautiful Kehena Black-sand Clothing-Optional Beachhttp://www.hanginloose.com/beaches.htm
50% of Hawaii’s attractions are underwater -- swim with friendly spinner dolphinshttp://www.hanginloose.com/diving.htm
Latest Volcano Updates!http://volcano.wr.usgs.gov/kilaueastatus.php
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Naturism in Hawaii

The Honeymoon Hale

The Eucalyptus Yurt

The Garden Cottage

Hangin’ Loose -- Featured in the September 2003, Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel, and MSNBC News!

What we are:  A small romantic European-style clothing-optional  retreat located in peaceful rural Hawaii.  Our goal is to provide a  beautiful private paradise where people can  feel free to experience the naturist environment in private or with other nudist.  We’re a great place for the first time naturist or the seasoned veteran.

What we are not:  We're not a big,  activity-filled naturist club.    We want to offer personal, tailored-to-the-individual advice to make your vacation to the Big Island a positive memory-filled experience.

Our guests often consult us on activities & sights to see on the Big Island & then the head out themselves.  We are not located on the  beach or the ocean -- the ocean is about 4 miles away.  There are no clothing-optional retreats located on the ocean in Hawaii (or anywhere on the mainland as far as we know).  If there were, it would cost far more than the $250 per night an average cookie-cutter hotel room in Hawaii cost.  For those kind of resorts we recommend looking at  the Caribbean.

Aloha Naturally!

Questions? Availability? Toll-free-- 866 543 6324  fun@hanginloose.com